Sunday, August 31, 2008


Happy end of summer! I have been in school at Apollo for two weeks now and I LOVE it! I was able to transfer some of my credits from ISU so my class load is a little lighter. Aaron has been at BSU for about a week and is enjoying it so far. :0)

A couple of weekends ago we were supposed to go on our last camping trip of the summer, but there was a nasty fire where we were supposed to go so we decided to stay home and help clean out my mom's garage. We are storing some boxes there so we figured we could help out! We built some shelves, rearranged, and cleaned off the food storage shelves we built a few years ago. Grandpa Beal came over to help, so with Mom, Grandpa, Aaron, and I it went pretty fast!

This weekend Aaron and I have to work a little so we don't get to go anywhere fun. The weather has been super nice here in Boise so yesterday we decided to paint our apartment! Our Land lord said it was okay as long as it was "neutral accents"... So we have "chocolate milk" brown in our living room and dining room, a sage green in the bedroom, and sunny yellow in the bathroom! It has been so much fun to paint and re-arrrange our little apartment! We have some before and after pics! I don't know how well you will be able to see the colors...

This is how Cleo kitty helped paint... she would sleep on the couch, under the bed, and guard the screen door... :0)
We hope that everyone has a safe and fantatic Labor Day Holiday! :0)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Summer so far...

Ok- so I have just spent a few hours trying to use a blog editor to post a cute blog and I had it all figured out and now it wont post! GRRRR! Any ways- I guess I will just post and see how it works out... I will have to find a better editor or something who knows...Anyways... Here it goes!

Summer for us started out with our move from Pocatello to Boise. After lots of thought and prayer we decided to leave ISU and our family in Pocatello and venture to Boise. I was more than a little home sick and Aaron has always wanted to live in Boise so off we went! We were able to transfer with our jobs - Aaron with Money Tree and I was with Home Depot at the time. My Grandpa Beal and my brother Justin drove from Boise to Pocatello on Friday night May 30 and then back to Boise. The next morning we were up at about 5 am to sign our lease and get everything unloaded! Thanks to both Grandpas, Justin, Uncle Larry and some of our new ward members we were unloaded in 30 min! I couldn't believe it! I wish the unpacking went as quickly... Our new apartment isn't nearly as spacious as our last apartment but it will do for now.
The first part of June was consumed with unpacking, buying some new furniture, and finding a home for everything (other than it's cardboard tomb).
The end of June was our first year wedding anniversary! We were more than ready to get out of town and spend some time together. We set our sites on Cascade and McCall. We spent the night at the Ashley Inn in Cascade (it reminded me of London!). Saturday we took off for a day of wandering through McCall! We walked through town and then drove over to Ponderosa State Park. We drove through the park and walked on some of the little trails. We had some wonderful views of the Lake. It was a beautiful trip and we really enjoyed the time together.

My moms' brother, Brett, and his family were visiting from Utah for 10 days right around the fourth. We had a blast going to see the fireworks at the Meridian Speedway, going to the Zoo and some of the Parks around Eagle.

July was also our camping trip with my mom to the Lowman area. We had a great time enjoying the great outdoors! Mom brought Cocoa with her for the first night- she isn't used to camping so mom took her home the next morning and came back to finish out the trip. We had fun fishing in the river the first two days and hanging around camp. We had seen signs for some hot springs so Aaron and I decided to hike around and see if we could find them. It was about a 15 min hike along the river to a rock outcroping and the hotsprings spitting out the side of the mountain under the highway. We spent the heat of the afternoon sitting on the rock beach building rock stacks and keeping our feet in the cold river. Before we knew it we had spent about four hours by the water and had neglected to put on sunscreen- so our legs were a little fried! Thank goodness we had our hats on to keep our heads and faces shaded! It was a good trip and we can't wait to go camping again!

Our next adventure in July was our quick trip to the Twin Falls Temple open house. We went with my mom, my dad's brother Joel, his wife Jenn and their two children Jared and Julie as well as my Grandpa and Grandma Campbell. It was so wonderful to experience the spiritual joy of the Temple with my husband and family. I have been so blessed to be able to attend the temple many times, but each time I go I feel the warmth and comfort of the spirit. Every time I go to the temple I feel like if I could turn around fast enough I would see my dad sitting with me. What a blessing it is to be able to attend the temple and feel the love that our Father in Heaven has for us.
After the temple tour we drove up to Shoshone Falls for a picnic dinner and to walk around the falls. It was so beautiful and a great end to a wonderful day!

So I think that is most of the adventure so far this summer. We are having a blast in Boise and we can't wait to start school in a few weeks! What a blessing living close to my family and the Temple is in our life! On to August! :0)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Just a start...

Aaron and I have been married for just over a year! We have moved 4 times and the furthest is to where we are now - BOISE! We are so blessed to be close to my wonderful family and spend time with them.

We are young and struggling but our faith and our love are getting us through. We have faced some pretty big trials so far in our marriage, trials that have only strengthened our love for each other.

We are both working and going to school. Finding time together can get pretty creative sometimes! We are grateful for every moment we are in the same room. If there is one thing we have learned since being married is to not take anything for granted! In moving to Boise we have more opportunities for work and school and growing experiences. It is a rough time for us right now but as long as we can keep our heads above water we will be making progress! :0)

Well, I have to run to work (story of my life!). But I will post a little more later! It is almost the weekend- TGIF!